Our recent concrete projects

Covenant Hospital - Hobbs, NM
Leprino Foods - Lubbock, Tx.

Leprino Foods Company, a leading global manufacturer of premium-quality dairy foods and ingredients, built a new, state-of-the-art 850,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Lubbock, Texas.  RKC was able to be involved in this project from the beginning to end.  The project consisted of large industrial foundation work, including large plinths, walls, super flat silo pads and tank pads, and insulated slabs.  Strict floor tolerances where required and met.  RKC was able to provide up to 6 crews at a time and 3 supervisors on site to meet the super aggressive schedule that Leprino required.

ACU Science & Engineerinng Research Facility - Abilene, Tx.

Project included 23K SF slab on grade with temperature-controlled mass pours including 24’ deep research pit with 23’x4’thick walls, 8K SF slab on deck, 42’ tall tilt panels with first of its kind custom designed form liners.  The form liners included 5 different types of form liners with each having to be placed at the exact location and direction.

Great Lake Cheese Factory - Abilene, Tx

This project consisted of foundations, slabs and curbs for a 286,000sf industrial facility. All slabs had to meet strict floor tolerances and the project was completed on time with a very aggressive schedule.

Rose Park Aquatic Center - Abilene, Tx.

RKC constructed Elevated slide decks for people to stand in line while waiting for their turn to ride the slide. The slide decks had to be constructed in a precise and orderly way as to fit the height and overall requirements of the slides. We also poured 31,077 square feet of slab, and 4,195 square feet of sidewalk. This is a job we are especially proud of and feel really shows off quality work and catches the eye!

Fisher County Jail - Roby, Tx.

Fisher county jail had 20,655 square feet of 5” slab, 25,642 square feet of 6” paving, 1,347 square feet of sidewalk, and 2,800 linear feet of grade beams and various bollard/sign and pad pours.

Mills County Jail - Goldthwaite, Tx.

The jail had 76 linear feet of dumpster beam, 22,210 square feet of Slab, 25,605 square feet of 5”, 6” paving, and 1,635 square feet of sidewalk.

The LIFT High School - Abilene, TX 022022
Academy of Technology, Engineering, Mathemethics, and Science - Abilene, Tx.

Abilene Independent School District’s new Academy of Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Science (ATEMS), also known as The LIFT is a 119,115-sq-ft, two-story CTE high school on a 12-acre site, in Abilene, Texas.

Shreiber Foods - Stephenville, Tx.

RKC completed this 315,000 sf cold storage warehouse facility in Stephenville, TX for Schrieber Foods. The job consisted of foundations to support an insulated slab on foam for this cold storage warehouse facility. This slab had a high flatness requirement needed for forklift traffic throughout the warehouse. Concrete was placed at a low slump with a low water cement ratio to reduce shrinkage and ensure lifelong flatness. The initial placement was performed with a laser screed followed up with power trowels and cross rod to obtain the high flatness requirements of a very flat floor.

Abilene University Football Stadium - Abilene, Tx.

This was a tight schedule job that had stringent and fast paced schedule in order to make 2017 football season. The job consisted of 15,000 linear feet of cast in place stadium seating risers. Piers, formed grade beams, and over 100,000 square feet of slab and slab on deck. RKC was able to hit all scheduled deadlines and while maintaining a high level of quality.

Cinemark XD12 - Abilene, Tx.

RKC completed this specialty job with many theaters with rows of elevated seating. Projects like this are big where we have to work well with many other subcontractors. Cinemark consisted of 7,711 square feet of Mezzanine, 9,229 square feet of paving, and 29,825 square feet of sidewalk.

Johnson Elementary - Abilene, Tx. 

Johnson Elementary included 89,387 square feet of slab with 45,375 square feet of sidewalks and 21,570 square feet of heavy duty 7” paving. Johnston Elementary also had 2,910 linear feet of earth formed grade beams.

Warren CAT Dealership - Abilene, Tx. 

 480 K  Sf of paving.


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